Hosted by Ultrax

Date: Mon, December 4th, 2023

Time: 20:00-22:00 (Central European Time)

Location: Online

Summary: This free online event is hosted by lecturer Fábio Nakamura, PhD, an expert in the world of sports science, university professor and Associate Editor of Science and Medicine in Football, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Attendees will get a chance to hear about the process behind recovery methods in soccer and a critical analysis of currently popular recovery methods, with an emphasis on cold water immersion and compression.

Price: FREE



Fábio Nakamura

Doctor of Motricity Science

Works as a Professor at the University of Maia in Portugal and is also an Associate Editor for 'Science and Medicine in Football.' He has authored over 300 scientific papers and specializes in sports science, with a focus on football. His collaborations with various football clubs have been instrumental in advancing research on sports medicine and performance in football.