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Learn from industry experts about the value of data management in sports for better results!

The Sports Science hub is a place where you can come and gain deeper insights and a better understanding of various training and load processes, injury prevention and management, and much more. The goal of this platform is to bring awareness to the importance of data collection in sports and what it can do to enhance player performances, prevent injuries, and prolong and better their careers.

Meet our Sports science team


Marko Matušinskij

Head of Sports Science


Stjepan Likić

Strength & Condition specialist

Strength and conditioning coach experienced in working with best youth academies and professional teams in Croatia and abroad. Passionate about building a high-performance team through periodization and load management of football teams.


Jovana Vučić

Physio specialist

Physiotherapist with a focus on manual therapy, creation, and monitoring of pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation. By finishing the study of strength conditioning and Osteopathy I wish to create an understanding of athletes from their initial to their desired state.


Dino Prohaska

Physio specialist

Personal trainer, physiotherapist, and above all an eager problem-solver for every client. Passionate about studying movement compensation of the human body in all forms, especially in gait and running mechanics and return to sport.

Building strong connections between sport science and practice requires ongoing communication, collaboration, and translation of research findings into practical applications.

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