Ivica Klunić

Founder of Elite Conditioning, expert in fitness, conditioning, and nutrition. His mission is to utilize sports science for recreation and daily life demands, empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential through personalized approaches. Recognizing the absence of a universal fitness and nutrition approach, he prioritizes individualization, tailoring programs to align with each person’s goals, abilities, […]

Luka Brekalo

“Ultrax has made it possible to simplify the after-training and wellness feedback. I get faster and more precise answers from my players and have a better overview of their physical and mental condition. With this information, I am better prepared when planning our training sessions and matches.”

Marko Škomrlj

“Ultrax ITL system was a game changer for me, when it comes to planning and programming condition practices with Dino. Knowing that the tennis season lasts the whole year, it is extremely important to track his state constantly. Ultrax software system is practical, quick and reliable and has noticeably helped me to raise the level […]

Stjepan Bešenić

“Using the Ultrax app for monitoring the athletes’ physical and mental state in real time has been a game-changer. I like to use my own app to review the collected data post-training and discuss it with athletes. I’ve also noticed an increase in their awareness of the importance of tracking their day-to-day health and workload […]

Marko Radanić

“Ultrax has enabled us to plan our trainings more accurately using the information we get from our players’ application inputs. It has also made it possible to sharpen our reactions to potential player injuries in the future. Most important of all, it has granted us an ability to easily show our players their physical status and […]

Danijel Vučić

“We’re currently in the process of preparing for the European Karate Championship, where we hope our U21 members will bring home some well-deserved medals and be rewarded for all their hard work. During this preparation period, Ultrax has proven to be a great tool for tracking the athletes’ load, helping us find the right balance […]

Dora Merle

“The Ultrax app provides us with valuable insights into both the athletes’ physical and mental states. I consider it a fantastic tool for elevating the sports experience to an entirely new level. The app itself is incredibly simple and easy to use, which makes my work that much more efficient. The girls are also learning […]

Dino Prohaska

Personal trainer, physiotherapist, and above all an eager problem-solver for every client. Passionate about studying movement compensation of the human body in all forms, especially in gait and running mechanics and return to sport. For any physio-related inquiries or questions about S&C coaching methodologies, feel free to reach out to Dino via his LinkedIn profile.

Nina Grebenar

Certified conditioning coach, rehabilitation specialist, and personal trainer with experience in elite sports and focus on tailoring training for gender-specific needs, emphasizing workload management and recovery. She’s worked with both male and female teams in the Croatian First Football League and currently coaches the Croatian Women’s National Football Team. For any training-related inquiries or questions […]