External Load Manual: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction The football of 2030 would not be the same as the football of 2020. In recent years, the game has changed. The number and intensity of football actions have evolved. Modern teams tend to execute more counterattacks and experience greater exposure to intense, short accelerations and decelerations, interspersed with high-intensity movements. However, alongside these […]

Data Science in Sport

Moneyball and Data Science in Sport In 2011, the movie Moneyball came out. It was the first time when the term data science entered into the public’s consciousness. At the time Billy Beane was the general manager of the Oakland Athletics. Through the use of sabermetrics, the empirical analysis of baseball statistics he was able […]

Intro to Monitoring

Why track load? Given the relationship among athlete workloads, injury and performance athlete monitoring has become critical in the high-performance sporting environment(1). Gabbett TJ, et al. Br J Sports Med Month 2017 Vol 0 No 0 Load monitoring is the process of tracking and analyzing the physical demands placed on an athlete or team during […]

Strength and conditioning – What it takes to be one

What is strength and conditioning and what do strength and conditioning coaches do? We have been called many names through our development and through the rise in the sports industry. Personal trainer, physical coach, fitness coach, performance coach and many other names, but basically the title that brings it all together and the one that […]

Building High-Performance environment in football – The example of Croatian football clubs

Introduction High-performance coaching is a methodology aimed at helping football players and teams achieve optimal performance levels by focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as physical, technical, tactical, and mental aspects of the game. This approach goes beyond just practicing and playing, as it involves identifying weaknesses and areas of improvement, creating customized training […]

Internal Load Management – Ultrax module

A practical guide for internal load management and injury prevention solution in sport explained through the functionalities of the Ultrax app Introduction The football of 2030 will not be the same as the football of 2020. In recent years, the game has changed. The number and the intensity of football actions have evolved. We can […]

In Season Planning in Football: Training Day Construction

Introduction This text will be used to illustrate the structure of a training day in football. Recently it has become quite popular to use scientific terms and support every work with scientific evidence, but in the world of football, some things have not yet been tested or are simply not that easy to confirm. If […]

In Season Planning in Football: Training Day Construction, Part 2

In the first blog, I wrote about the initial factors that influence the creation of a training day during the season, with one of the key factors definitely being the timing of the previous match. I gave the example of MD+1 and we discussed how the minutes played are the main factors that dictate the […]

Understanding the Differences Between Female and Male Athletes for Improved Performance

In the world of sports, understanding the differences between female and male athletes is essential for optimizing performance, training strategies, and injury prevention. While both genders possess remarkable athletic abilities, there are distinct anatomical, physiological, and hormonal variations that set them apart. In this blog post, we will explore these differences and their impact on […]